11p (short arm)

Antoine van Heesewijk

We are the only family in the Network with a duplication on the p side of chromosome 11.

We have a boy. Antoine, who is 20 years old.

There are some common characteristics with 11q disorders.

  • Premature birth: Antoine was born at 32.5 weeks pregnancy
  • Blood problems: Antoine had thrombocytopenia and anemia at the birth and received platelets transfusion
  • Feeding problems: he ate until the age of 8 all his food mixed
  • Surgery: he had several times surgeries for double intestinal hernias, undescended testicles and cysts
  • Therapy: occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy
  • Antoine also suffers from kyphosis and hypokyphosis.

Antoine has a mental retardation. He speaks two languages: French with his mum and Dutch with his dad.

He was in a Montessori school in first and in a specialized school in secondary.

Since a few months, he has been working in a restaurant for people with disabilities. He serves as a waiter 4 days a week. www.65degres.be

Antoine is very sociable, endearing, smiling and curious. We are very proud of him.

PP & C van Heesewijk